Who is CaliCeltic?

What do you get when you cross a coconut and a herring? Who knows! But CaliCeltic has mixed two sides of one big ol’ pond to produce fruit of a different musical kind that tastes both Irish and Californian. Mandolin and electric guitar jangle and crunch alongside rock 'n roll drums, melodic piccolo and flute. Leaning on Celtic storytelling traditions that date back thousands of years, CaliCeltic is here to tell tales of falling in love and falling off the wagon.  

Think of your great-grandfathers...or of that one cousin who's been arrested once or thrice for disorderly hijinks. Packing a punch for audiences of all sizes, CaliCeltic is here to entertain intimately on the small stage, or to come roaring across like a force of nature to thrill audiences from the festival stage!

Show Schedule


City of Dublin St. Patrick's Day Concert CaliCeltic

The Music

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Galway Girl

I'll Tell Me Ma

Video from the Room of Splendors

The winding journey of life has brought CaliCeltic together to form a dynamic group of seasoned performers. Besides performing rollicking good music, they are able to discern Whiskies in a blind tasting, make homemade wine, properly cook soft boiled eggs, build their own guitars and amplifiers, and are proficient in the use of garlic and tomato to make the perfect pasta sauce.


Johnny Tarr

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